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Do You Qualify for AMZ Thinktank?

(Notice: new members by invitation only)

What is AMZ Thinktank?

Amazon marketing is not B2B or B2C. It is P2P or peer to peer. This means that personal connections, networking and access to cutting-edge strategies due to Amazon’s ever evolving ecosystem is what makes the top Amazon sellers stay ahead of the game.

Will Tjernlund and Ash Monga have built an exclusive network of Highly Successful AMZ entrepreneurs. This was because most AMZ marketers are really cool people with a very healthy and positive mindset and because it made business sense. Thanks to this, a lot of good ideas were traded and several partnerships formed, which made money for all parties involved.

However, the ironic part was that while both Will and Ash knew tens or even hundreds of people so far, these people hardly knew each other. So Will and Ash decided to do something about this. They’ve created a unique mastermind with the purpose of connecting AMZ entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Now, we would like to bring this mastermind group to the world. It is called AMZ Think Tank. It is an invitation only, exclusive mastermind for Highly Successful Amazon sellers. To maintain a high quality of discourse, one of the requirements is to prove sales of at least $1,000,000 in the last 365 days.

“It is a group where money can’t buy you a spot, only competence.”

Who can be part of AMZ Thintank?

Our members are highly successful Amazon customers across industry verticals who have built their Amazon businesses using different strategies, such as Private Labeling & Wholesaling to Amazon via Vendor Central.

When you bring several million dollar sellers in the same place, you understand something important – we all think in the same way. After all, reaching the level of selling $1,000,000 a year on Amazon is no easy work. It takes effort, perseverance, wits and knowledge. You can earn $5000 on Amazon by luck or with a short-term strategy but for the above milestone, it takes competence.

AMZ Think Tank is a place for like-minded people. When people like this get together, friendships are formed. Partnerships are created. Alliances take place. It’s not only about an mastermind group. It is about joining your brothers in arms with a goal to dominate Amazon.

When all members are on the same page, you don’t need special tools to make them connect and bond. This happens naturally. We want to spend time with people like us, people we respect and people from whom we can learn. These interactions that lead to friendships and partnerships will happen both online and offline.

You’re not among competitors. You’re among friends.

AMZ Think Tank is built around the concept of “enlightened self-interest”. This is a simple philosophy. It means that by helping others, you are helping yourself. Instead of seeing other people selling on Amazon as competitors, you are seeing them for who they really are – potential partners, mentors and friends.

Amazon is not a zero sum game. If you share a secret with someone else, he’s not going to earn $50,000 and you’ll lose the same sum. Instead, you’ll both win. The market is big enough in 99.9% of the cases that it can support 1000 of operations like yours.

In our group, we aim to be a team.

We exchange cutting edge strategies before they become public and part of various online Amazon courses. We meet and discuss ideas. We pool resources & connections to take advantage of opportunities that couldn’t be exploited otherwise. We send birthday gifts and we help each other in need.

This team is not about being your brother’s keeper. We are entrepreneurs. We want to earn money. Instead, it is about understanding that two smart people collaborating are going to earn more money than competing. Rockefeller knew it and so did every other major entrepreneur for the last 500 of years.

We trust each other. We don’t use this platform as a way to get clients or sell products. Instead, we really try to help, knowing that we’re going to be helped in exchange. The 21st century is about the peer to peer economy, in which your network is the most valuable asset you can have.

This group is a fertile ground to grow such a network.

The Benefits Of Joining AMZ Think Tank Mastermind

  • Access to Million Dollar+ Amazon Sellers: You’re in good company. The community is not limited by size – we welcome every successful AMZ entrepreneur. However, every single member must prove sales of at least $1,000,000 in a given year to join. Such an environment is a fertile ground for good ideas and profitable partnerships. It is the 21st century equivalent of the golf course – a place where value is created without actively seeking it. Our Retreats however are for limited groups of 10 to 15.
  • Access to Non-Member Experts: During our hangout sessions & Live-Events we will invite experts to talk about subjects that truly matter to Million dollar Amazon customers. This includes Ex-Amazon employees, retail buyers, experts in funding & acquiring/selling Amazon businesses.
  • Slack Channel: You’ll get access to all members in our exclusive Slack channel. This is not a free Facebook group or online group for Amazon sellers, this is a communication medium where the best discuss subjects that are unique to high-volume sellers. We actively share content in our Private Slack Channel and you know that there will be someone at your level, able to answer your questions on our Slack Channel.
  • Hangout Sessions: You’ll be able to build your brand among elite Amazon sellers. At one point, it is not about how much you work but whom you know. Joining efforts with someone else or simply learning from someone who is 1 – 3 – 5 years ahead of you is usually the fastest way from A to B. Since people work with people they know and like, building visibility will be among the fastest way to grow your Amazon business.
  • Private Mastermind Events. We will hold special events that are a notch or two above what is usually found in this market. These events are going to help you get to know the other members, bond with them and have a lot of fun. We also plan to bring top experts and hold closed doors sessions on the best Amazon marketing and business development tools available right now.
  • Accountability System: We are in the process of building an Analytical accountability system which would ensure that you remain accountable to your goals and growth targets and share that info with the exclusive group. This will ensure that the community can give you a push at the right time when you start to slack off and at the same time ensure healthy competition.

Are you the right fit for the group?

There’s an old truth to banking. Banks will give you as much as you need when you don’t need money. They’ll also not lend you a single penny when you need it most.

This is true with our group too. With the people, the support, the information and the opportunities found here, any member can get from $0 to $500,000 with ease. However, we don’t want people who are just starting out, no matter how valuable this is. We are looking for AMZ entrepreneurs that already achieved a certain level of success and are aiming for at least 8 figures.

NOTICE: Effective 01.10.2016, membership of AMZ Think Tank Mastermind is invitation only. If you click the link below, you’re going to discover what exactly we are looking for but for rare exceptions, the first 15 members will be invited and only then public registrations will resume.

Do You Qualify To Be One Of Us?