The co-creators of AMZ Think Tank are Will Tjernlund and Ash Monga.who-is-will

Will, together with his brother, broke the $10,000,000 / year in sales barrier. What is more impressive is that he managed to jump from one million to ten.

This made him a highly sought after consultant for corporations selling on Amazon.It is not unusual for him to be invited as a speaker or consultant by companies selling tens of millions on Amazon.

Because of this, the minimum rate at which he can be contracted for consultancy starts at $1000 / hour with all expenses paid.His contribution to the group is varied but mostly focused on Vendor Central, Scaling and business development.

This includes how he achieved to sell $10,000,000 on Amazon and how to do massive volumes.

Entrepreneurs who are moving large volumes of wares are benefiting from this especially, without having to pay thousands of dollars in consultancy fees.

Ash Monga is a Sourcing, Product Development and QC expert. After being an importer and e-commerce seller for over 6 years, he moved to China in 2009 to be closer to the action. He helped hundreds of Amazon Sellers – from large corporates to multi-million dollar Amazon sellers and individuals alike – navigate the deep and sometimes dangerous waters of sourcing from China, developing new and innovative products.

He shares information & strategies on how to do business in China from the perspective of Amazon sellers. The focus is on subjects like New Product Development & Compliance that are important issues for large Amazon sellers. Ash is a speaker at various conferences on the subjects of sourcing, QC & compliance.

Ash also runs the Guangzhou chapter of Hardware Massive, a community connecting inventors or people with new product ideas to the resources they need to bring their ideas to life.

They are not alone. Other experts have been brought in to the group so can have a 360 degree approach to scaling an Amazon business. These include, ex Amazon Executives, people with experience in Fund Raisingas well as buying and selling Amazon businesses. In other words, we cover areas ranging from raising funds, to acquiring smaller Amazon brands, selling through Vendor Central, and existing your business or certain brands.

No matter where you are right now in your business, chances are that you’re going to find gems of information here to help you push forward.